What’s New


Monitor dashboard

The ‘Monitor dashboard’ screen is set up to display data on pending tasks, progressing tasks and their time. The screen is divided into 2 parts:

– The first part is a list of user task information blocks, including 2 fixed blocks: the block of information for all users and the block of information for the logged-in user, and a list of blocks for other users.

– The second part is a table displaying detailed information about the tasks of a user block. When the user clicks on each user block, highlight that block and reload data in the detailed task information table.

Task Report

The ‘Task Report’ screen displays statistics on tasks within a time period. The screen allows you to select the start time and end time for statistics and is divided into 3 pages:

  – Page 1: Report on task status

  – Page 2: Report on overdue pending response and pending tasks

  – Page 3: Report on task evaluation

Process Group Configuration

– System catalog screen: process group item having an additional parent category column to identify parent-child relationships between process groups, allowing uploading of process group images.

– System admin can configure the process block as the parent of process groups.

– Flexible home screen with changing process block.

– The request creation popup displays flexible blocks similar to the home screen.



– Upgrade backend Java 8 to Java 11: Upgrade backend service up java 11 releace older version Java 8, leading syntax improvement & performance.