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Can platform intergrate with other system?

FezyFlow can be integrated with other applications through Application Programming Interface (API). There are 2 main reasons for this integration:
- Data source synchronization, category, department, user to Fezyflow and vice versa.
- Synchronize data according to each approval/confirmation operation in the workflow

What authentication service that platform support?
What are the languages supported?
What web browsers do you support?
Where is my data stored? For how long that personal data will be stored?
What is the best way to get support?
How much time that my support request will be processed?
How does pricing work?
Do you offer consulting services?
Can FezyFlow scale? Does it work with lots of users?
Who is FezyFlow Workflow for ?
What is FezyFlow Workflow platform?
Do you provide personalized FezyFlow training?
What about creating reports?
Do you have any templates to use to get started?
How do I cancel my account?
How do I make the workflow active?
What happens to the records when I add/delete/ edit workflow actions?
How do I manage my workflows.
How to Manage Account/ Authorization/ User Roles in application?
Where can I create the Workflow?
How do I Create a workflow?
How can I reach the release note and new feature of platform?

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