360* Service System For A Financial Company

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Company providing personal financial solutions


Headquaters in Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh


Installment points

+ 10.000

Internal transactions for the month



Business Needs

• Due to the overlapped workflow processes, employees had to access many different systems.
• Could not measure performance.
• Take a lot of processing time, errors in creating reports, and difficulties in storing and searching documents.
• Need a management system with a support request function for employees in the workflow process.

Our Solution

• Consulting, analyzing and optimizing the workflow process of each department.
• Building a centralized customer request management system, support clear, fast and accurate reports with real-time data syncing.
• FPT Software provided system administration services: 24/7 operation and technical support.

Benefits & Values

• Optimized customer workflow process, cutting down unnecessary steps, reduced request processing time, and enabled transparent request status and details.
• Improved work management efficiency by consolidating and centralizing between 50+ departments across regions.

0 %
Saving Print & Paper Cost
0 %
Increase in workforce capacity

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