Shared-Service Center for a Global Technology Corporation

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Global technology corporation


Subsidiary companies


Headquarters and branches in Vietnam



Business Needs

• Implement workflow setup on the system as required. 
• The client was spending lots of effort on manual tasks (papers, phone, mail), which is low productivity.
• They often fail to respond to employee needs and regularly omit requests.
• Lack of consolidation as each subsidiary company has a different workflow for handling and responding to requests.
• Thus, the client realized the need to replace the manual process with a workflow management system.

Our Solution

• Digitize 300 internal workflow processes to the system (HR, IT, Administration, Finance, Purchase, Training, Event,…)
• Build a common workflow management system that answer to the needs of the whole corporation.
• Consult and standardize the entire workflow of all subsidiary companies and departments.
• 24/7 operational and technical support.

Benefits & Values

• Easily change the approval flow of the process to suit the company's operations.
• Transparency of the whole process. Each step of the process is configured to ensure the workflow is carried out accurately.

0 /7
Service is always available for employees
0 %
30% reduction in request processing effort
0 times
300% reduction in processing time

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