What’s New



– Build the home screen using the Angular framework.

– Allow changing the home screen to use the old interface or use the new home screen interface. On the new home screen interface, users can perform processing tasks that need to be performed right here without accessing the detail request screen.

– Change the system menu and header interface. Admin menu is placed inside the profile menu.

– Change the request creation popup interface.

– When users access screens from the menu, the system will not need to reload the page.

– Change the dominant color of buttons.

Multiple Language

– Support for multiple languages: VI, EN, JP.

– After the user changes the language, by default when the user logs in, the system will receive according to the language just switched.

Improvements OSS

Eliminate security vulnerabilities and business license violations in the library in use:

+ Remove some redundant imported libraries.

+ Change the library to export PDF.

+ Upgrade the angular version of webhook-fe.

+ Use connect mariadb instead of mysql.